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We hold space for the emotional journey of the heart while providing practical, efficient support for the logistics.


We offer a multitude of services, including organizing, packing, and decluttering, to help our clients navigate the logistics of right-sizing their possessions.


Often letting go of possessions requires that we tell the story of why we loved them to begin with.  This can be emotional and a beautiful way to find a sense of closure and completeness to one's life.


Your home will emerge lighter and brighter than you can imagine. You will experience your home as a cozy and comfortable space organized and arranged especially the way that's best for your desired lifestyle, so that you thrive.

Losing a loved one or moving to a new home can mark an important transition in your life that calls for you to sort through and clear out possessions that are no longer serving you.

Down-sizing can feel
overwhelming to most people

We are experts in "Home-Making

With HEART & HOME Transitions  

  • It's possible to have  it feel fun and easy!! 

  • You can relax while someone else does all the heavy lifting and complicated coordinating. 

  • You will feel encouraged to keep all the things that bring you joy.

  • You will feel totally in control and empowered to do it the way and pace that's right for you.

  • You will feel supported in celebrating all the aspects of your life exactly as they are.

  • You will feel safe knowing your memories and feelings will be honored and cherished.

  • You will gain the power and clarity that comes from expressing past emotions.

  • You will experience your house transform into a lighter and more beautiful space arranged to support your desired lifestyle and goals.

  • You will feel the weight of your past lift to reveal spaciousness and peace, so that you can move confidently into your next phase of life and thrive!

Our Support 


Weekly calls guide and  support you while you work at your own pace 

(Slowest Pace)

Image 5-19-23 at 12_edited.png

We come to your house and work with you side-by-side  for a

 series of sessions with coaching in between

(Medium Pace)

Image 5-19-23 at 12_edited.png

We come to your house and work with you side by side  for 5-7 days

(Fastest Pace)



Peace of mind knowing your possessions won't become a
burden to your family
Death Cleaning.jpeg
I feel it was a fantastic investment because I am immersed in the benefits all day long.  She has fantastic ideas, a keen attention, and is open for the deepest of conversations that spur the answers I was looking for but couldn't find on my own. I can feel my home buoying me everyday.

-Julian, Nevada City, CA

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